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Innovative Insurance solutions at a competitive and affordable easy premium for all Hybrid vehicle users…….

HNB Assurance ventures into green insurance for Eco-friendly cars for all Hybrid users and it gives the best deal that the industry has to offer. Hybrid vehicles run on electricity or a combination of electricity and hydrogen-based fuel. Both represent low-cost methods of transportation while also reducing the amount of the driver’s carbon footprint on the Earth. Hybrid cars are constantly being enhanced and redesigned with even more emphasis on reducing pollution and waste. As a result, these cars often require less maintenance than normal vehicles.

Owners of hybrid vehicles are doing their country proud by driving a clean pollution- free hybrid vehicle that protects the environment; that is why HNB Assurance has designed MotorGuard “eco- Insurance” to pay tribute to the contribution made by Hybrid owners and people who intend to buy eco-friendly cars to move towards a cleaner, greener environment offering a comprehensive economical motor insurance policy with special benefits. HNB Assurance now offers all Hybrid users with a competitive and affordable easy premium with a special discount rate.

Other additional offers include Highest No Claim Bonus up to 75%, 24 hour helpline for motor claims, On- site inspection, Cash grant of Rs. 250,000/- towards children’s education in case of an accidental death, Lease reantal for two months if repairs to the vehicle exceed 30 days and many more. Customers can now call HNBA’s 24 hours Motor Green-line on 0114 677 099 for any assistance with their Insurance claims and anyother inquiries with regard to eco Insurance from anywhere in Sri Lanka.