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Home » News » HNBA Celebrates World’s Children’s Day 2013 in Padaviya

October month is dedicated for children and this first of October HNB Assurance took part in a worthy cause by providing a clean drinking water supply system to a rural school located in Padaviya, Anuradhapura. The specialty about this project is that this drinking water supply system is being propelled by a clean water filter. This school situated in Anuradhapura and is commonly known as the C 10, Meeithreepura Vidyalaya. Residents of this village were deprived of a clean water system for many years and it was HNB Assurance who came towards and planted this water supply for the benefit of the children and the residents of this village.

This Clean Drinking water supply system was officially given to the Padaviya Vidyalaya by the General Manager – Marketing & Distribution of HNB Assurance Lalith Fernando. Stating on this worth cause he stated “It is a great privilege for us to provide this drinking water supply system to the little children of the future who are trying to fulfill their dreams and desires by getting educated with very limited resources, and we have in a small way helped them to achieve this by providing them with a clean drinking water system for providing them with a healthy lifestyle.

This inauguration was being held by a small event that the community of Padaviya had organized. Cultural acts, singing and dance performances were performed by the children of this school. The principal of C 10 Meeithreepura Vidyalaya stated “We are ever so grateful to HNB Assurance that provided this drinking water supply system which we were deprived for so many years.

This is a great way to commemorate World’s Children’s Day by helping innocent children by helping them to be healthy in order to get a good education.