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International Women’s Day was celebrated worldwide on the 8th of March. In order to celebrate this special day HNB Assurance has initiated a special tribute towards women with the latest HNB Assurance campaign Liya Harasara” which will be carried throughout this month. This is a special campaign to honour women in saluting the spirit of womanhood. To talk about this latest campaign and the current status of HNB Assurance, we spoke to the Managing Director of HNB Assurance, Manjula de Silva and the General Manager- Marketing and Distribution, Lalith Fernando.

(Q.) HNB Assurance is seen popular among media these days especially for the annual report awards which the company had won. What is the latest activity carried out by HNBA?

Manjula : Yes, we are proud to say that HNB Assurance PLC has  reported a 43% growth in its Profit After Tax ( PAT ) according to the interim financial statements for the year ended 31st December 2012 released to the Colombo Stock Exchange. The company’s Profit after Tax recorded Rs. 351 Million while its Profit Before Tax also grew by 45% to reach Rs. 394 Million. Turnover recorded a growth of 8% fuelled by the Gross Written Premium (GWP) from Life Insurance which grew at an impressive rate of 16%.  We also won four main awards for the Company’s Annual Report 2011 in which we won the Medium Scale category award among other leading companies in Srilanka.We also won an International award for Brand excellence recently.

Since HNB Assurance is known for being the innovative solutions provider in the insurance industry we have focused our latest campaign for Women in Sri Lanka in commemorating with International Women’s day with ‘Liya harasara’ which will be carried out throughout March.

(Q.) What is the main purpose of launching ‘Liyaharasara’ in tribute for women?

Lalith : Women in today’s world are proven to be a strong independent growing population. Even when it comes to making decisions at our homes our Wives’ take a major role especially when it comes to making decisions in our household and of our children.  Even though one tends to think of insurance as something targeted at men, there are many families across the Country who depends heavily on the income provided by women in today’s work force. HNB Assurance has taken a prime initiative in recognizing the importance of insurance for women and to salute women representing all generations of womanhood.

(Q.) Can you brief us about ‘HNB Assurance Liyaharasara’

Manjula : HNB Assurance Liya Harasara” offers special features for women who obtain a life insurance policy from HNB Assurance during the month of March, who will be rewarded with a free life Insurance cover up to one million rupees. When a husband obtains a life insurance policy his spouse has an opportunity to get a free life insurance cover up to one million rupees. Ladies who obtain motor insurance policies are entitled to a free life cover up to five hundred thousand rupees and More than 100 lucky ladies will be selected for a free shopping experience from a draw, representing all HNB Assurance Branches island wide


(Q.) Is this ‘Liyaharasara’ campaign targeted for all groups of women? And can you tell us regarding the reachability of this campaign?

Lalith: Yes,This ‘Liyaharasara’ campaign is targeted at all groups of women irrespective of where they live and what they do and this special Insurance benefit could be obtained from all of the 51 branches of HNB Assurance that is spread Island wide and Therefore we endeavor to make any inquiry regarding “Liyaharasara’ smooth and streamlined as much as possible and Our valued customers can contact us on our 24- Hour helpline on 0114 883 883 for any queries regarding our insurance schemes.

(Q.) Can you tell us about the feedback your company has received so far for ‘Liyaharsara”

Manjula: yes of course, so far we have got a good positive response from all of the branches that this campaign was briefed to. We saw women of all social classes requiring about this campaign and we are proud to be the first insurance company to introduce such an initiative towards women in Sri Lanka.

(Q.) Can you brief us on the promotional activities carried out for HNBA ‘Liyaharasara’

Lalith:  Special promotional initiatives were carried out by HNB Assurance to educate women about the importance of ‘Liyaharasara’ since it is an inevitable insurance protection for women in Srilanka and this initiative is carried out by the company to enhance the value of this distinctive campaign targeted for women with regional level activities that will be conducted island wide throughout this month dedicated for women.

(Q.) What is your perspective about the Journey that HNB Assurance has taken so far for being in the Insurance Industry for eleven years?

Manjula: yes, having completed eleven years in the company for last November, HNB Assurance PLC has indeed come a long way in a short period of time whilst competing with the other insurance giants in the Industry. We are proud of the achievements and the awards that our company has achieved throughout this decade. I personally like to take this opportunity to thank our stakeholders and our valued customers for being throughout HNB Assurance for the past decade and we wish to continue to serve our customers with an excellent utmost service throughout the years to come.