Introducing the Hope Cancer Insurance plan

While some instances of life are within our control, certain circumstances such as a terminal or grave illness can be a turning point in life. In the case of being affected by Cancer, a standard critical illness policy may not address all those complex needs you encounter, therefore we have developed a customised solution to ensure that you are accompanied by all the support you need at every stage with this comprehensive cancer insurance plan.

The key benefits of the plan include:

  • Cover up to 10 years for a single premium

  • Lump sum payment on diagnosis of cancer

  • 20% of sum Assured in early stage cancer and the balance 80% if it develops to Late Stage Cancer

  • 100% of the sum assured if diagnosed as late stage cancer

  • Cover from Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 2 Million

How does Hope Cancer Insurance Plan differ from a Critical Illness Cover?

  • Critical Illness Cover does not pay for early stage cancer

  • Since this cover is only for cancer, it costs less than the Critical Illness Cover

  • You make a one time premium payment and could obtain the policy for up to 10 years

Terms and Conditions Apply*

More information can be obtained from the nearest HNB Assurance Branch or from our helpline on 0114 384 384.

Click here to download the brochure.

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