Introducing MyChild

When you become a parent, your responsibilities grow exponentially and your children's future, safety and security become your very top priorities. At HNB Assurance, we understand how important your little ones are in your life, which is why we have specially designed plans which could offer you immense support in securing your child’s future and safety. In the event you or your spouse will be unable to provide them all you hoped for, these comprehensive solutions will offer a sigh of relief to you and your family.

Secure your child’s future with ‘MyChild’, which offers a plethora of benefits. Once the premium payments are completed, your child will begin to benefit starting from 10% of the sum assured and growing by 2% each year up to 24% in the 8th year.

Additional Benefits include:

  • Life cover (for the parent) will continue for 8 years after premium payments cease.

  • Declared annual bonus will be accumulated and paid as a lump sum on maturity.

  • In the unfortunate event of your demise or total and permanent disablement during the premium payment period, your child’s annual benefit will increase up to FOUR times.

  • In case of total and permanent disability during the premium payment period, the basic sum assured will be paid in ten (10) installments.

  • If death is due to an accident, double the basic sum assured will be paid.

Extra Covers that can be selected

  • Critical Illness Cover

  • Partial Disability Cover

  • Additional Life Cover

  • Spouse Rider Benefit

  • Hospitalization Benefit

  • Child Rider Benefit

Summary of MyChild

  •  Maturity - Bonus

  • After Maturity For 8 Years):

       1st Year - Sum Assured × 4 × 10%
       2nd Year - Sum Assured × 4 × 12%
       3rd Year - Sum Assured × 4 × 14%

  • Free life cover for 8 years after maturity up to age of 70 years equal to sum insured

  • Death before maturity (Natural) - Sum Assured + LTR (If included) + Bonus

  • Death due to an accident - Basic Sum Assured × 2 + Bonus + LTR (If included) + ADB

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

More information can be obtained from the nearest HNB Assurance Branch or from our helpline on 0114 384 384.

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