Introducing Pradeepa

HNB Assurance Pradeepa is an endowment policy with participation in profits, with part payments and with extended life cover for ten years or up to age 70 years, whichever is earlier after maturity. The policy can be primarily issued for 10,15 or 20 year terms however, provided that the maximum age at expiry including the extended period of life cover, does not exceed 70 years.

The unique Pradeepa plan is more than life insurance as we know it.

The extensive coverage includes:

  • Sum Assured, together with accrued bonus at the end of the selected period or at premature death

  • A bonus at the end of every year

  • Where a maturity payment is made, life cover equal to the basic sum assured will continue for a period of additional ten(10) years or until the life assured reaches the age of seventy(70)

A choice of additional covers

  • Additional life cover.

  • Accidental death benefit

  • Total permanent disability due to accident or sickness in the event of which, supplementary income will be provided and premiums waived

  • Accidental permanent partial disability benefit according to extent of disability

  • Critical illness cover on 29 ailments. On diagnosis, cash will be made available

  • Hospitalisation benefits

  • Spouse benefits

  • Medical reimbursement critical illness and hospitalization benefit for children can be added

Covers for your convenience and needs

  • As importantly, the new and high-benefit “Pradeepa” policy can be tailored to fit specific needs

    • Period: 5 to 40 years (Optional)

    • Life cover up to 70 years · Chosen additional benefits up to 65 years

    • Premium according to your ability to pay

Summary of Pradeepa

  • Maturity - Sum Assured + Bonus

  • Natural Death - Sum Assured + Additional Life Benefit (ALB)

  • Accidental Death - Sum Assured + Accidental Death Benefit + Additional Life Benefit

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

More information can be obtained from the nearest HNB Assurance Branch or from our helpline on 0114 384 384.

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