Introducing Ranmaga

In terms of improving your life and financially securing your future, Ranmaga offered by HNB Assurance is a unique opportunity. The life policy that increases the sum assured by 5% every year, while the premium payment remain the same is a well sought after option in our portfolio. This is an investment plan with added financial benefits for protection.

Ranmaga Special Features

  • Tailor made plan to suit your own needs

  • Select your insurance policy from 10, 15, 20 and 25 year terms

  • Additional covers according to your choice, up to 65 years of age and Life cover extending up to 70 years of age

  • Annual, half yearly, quarterly or monthly premium payment options at your convenience

  • A 10 year free life cover equal to the initial basic sum assured after maturity, up to 70 years of age

Ranmaga Benefits

  • Equal premium amount to be paid throughout the period even though the basic sum assured increases by 5% every year, giving you an advantage over the increasing cost of living.

  • Dividends declared by the company will be added to your fund account during the period of cover, enhancing your maturity benefit

  • In case of demise before the end of insured period, your loved ones will be paid the higher of Sum Assured or fund balance

Additional Benefits

  • Additional life benefits, to increase life cover up to 7 times the basic sum assured if death is due to an accident or natural

  • Accidental death cover up to 5 times the basic sum assured if death is due to an accident

  • In the event of total and permanent disablement due to an accident, the benefit will be paid in 10 installments

  • If total and permanent disablement is the result of either an accident or illness the premium payments for the remainder of the period will be waived

  • Financial benefits for permanent partial disablement.

  • Cover for 29 critical illnesses.

  • Payment of up to a maximum of Rs.10,000 per day for hospitalization, paid from the date of admission

  • Surgery benefit up to Rs. 1,000,000

  • Family income benefit up to Rs.200,000

  • Covers to protect your spouse with above additional covers as well

  • Critical illness benefits for 15 illnesses and hospitalization benefit, surgery benefit and medical reimbursement for children

  • A percentage of sum assured is paid for each listed surgery

  • Payments are made for unlisted surgeries as well

Summary of Ranmaga

  • Maturity - Fund Value

  • Natural Death - Fund Value OR Sum Assured + 5% × Term(up to death)+ ALB

  • Accidental Death - Fund Value OR Sum Assured + 5% × Term (up to death)+ ALB+ ADB

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

More information can be obtained from the nearest HNB Assurance Branch or from our helpline on 0114 384 384.


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