Introducing MyFreedom

Facilitating your stress-free retirement further is ‘MyFreedom’, which supports you by managing your retirement fund and providing you with adequate financial protection required. Taking into consideration your specific requirements and financial position the policy ensures that you have a stable monthly income for up to 15 years ( You only have to pay a lump sum not less than Rs. 100,000/= as a single premium ).

The Key Benefits of ‘MyFreedom’ Include

  • A guaranteed monthly income for the agreed period.

  • Possibility to delay the above benefit for 5 years from commencement date on your preference.

  • Agreed monthly sum is credited to your bank account irrespective of interest rate fluctuations.

  • Life cover for 15 years.

  • Monthly benefit continues up to maturity even after the demise of the life assured

Summary of My Freedom

  • Fixed terms (Only 15 Years)

  • Investment plan

  • Premium amount will be given to clients on a monthly basis

  • In the event of death, 18 times of monthly premium will be payable & after death, the monthly premium will continue to be remitted to the nominee till the end of policy period

Terms and Conditions Apply*

More information can be obtained from the nearest HNB Assurance Branch or from our helpline on 0114 384 384.

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