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Group Insurance Plans

HNB Assurance PLC offers business insurance products for Sri Lankan organizations via its Group Insurance plans. Both our ‘Prime’ and ‘Key Person’ Insurance products provide businesses with the option of securing employee insurance for their top talent, which in turn give company owners peace of mind knowing that their best employees are taken care of with a comprehensive health/life insurance package. Whether you are an established company or a young, growing business, all companies invest in their employees. Show that you care by buying a group insurance policy.

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Prime GroupLife


Protect the most valued asset of your organization, your employees to face the challenges of tomorrow.

For more information contact your nearest HNB Assurance Branch or call us on 011 4 384 384

Key Person


Every business has a few Key Employees whom it relies heavily upon. The type that is hard to replace and hard to get by without! What if you lose your key employees tomorrow?

HNB Assurance recognizes the true value of your Key Employees towards the success and development of your organization. For the first time in Sri Lanka, HNB Assurance introduces “Key Person Insurance” the ideal solution for every growing and established business to take care of the risks arising from the loss of a Key Employee.

More information can be obtained from the nearest HNB Assurance Branch or from our 24 hour Customer Relation Center on 011 4 883883

* Conditions apply as per regulations.