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Retirement Plans

An enjoyable retirement is something most of us look forward to at the end of our working lives. However, if you are like most Sri Lankan’s, you would worry about your financial security: how can I sustain my lifestyle with no stable income, how do I as a parent provide for my family, what if I fall ill? Fear not, irrespective of whether you are a government employee or you are an employee of the private sector, HNB Assurance has a bundle or products which offer the best retirement options for you.

For example, ‘MyPension’, offers a guaranteed monthly pension throughout your life, irrespective of fluctuating interest rates. ‘MyFund’ and ‘MyFreedom’ offer you, the retiree the ability to build and improve your financial stability so you can build your retirement fund. Other extras such as hospital/life cover, critical illness and a host of other benefits at maturity are also available to ensure so you can plan your retirement and enjoy it just the way you want.

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My Fund


A Unique Retirement Fund Builder

Retirement is the beginning of another important chapter in one’s life and can be made the happiest season of life. We are glad to join hands with you to plan for a happy and comfortable retirement for you.

This Retirement Plan provides you the best protection with ample benefits that ensure a hassle free and enjoyable retirement. It allows you to build a safe retirement fund while you are stable in your employment. An individual transparent fund account will be maintained especially for you.

How Can I start “myfund” ?  

 Monthly          -        Rs.2,000/- 
Quarterly        -        Rs.6,000/-  
Half Yearly      -        Rs.12,000/-
Annually         -        Rs.24,000/-  

Life insurance benefit of Rs.500,000/- throughout the premium paying period while the policy is in force.

Hospital benefit at Rs.500/- per day during premium payment period while the policy is in force. 

Eligibility criteria

Age between 18 and 55 years

Special Features: 

  • My fund account grows annually with the premiums paid and dividends declared by the Company.
  • Facility to increase the Retirement Fund by adding more investment blocks. Premium for each additional block : Annually - Rs 6,000/-, Half yearly - Rs 3,000/-, Quarterly - Rs 1500/-, and Monthly - Rs 500/-. Any number of blocks can be included at any time during the period.
  • Fund value at maturity (Retirement Fund) is paid as a lump sum.

Summary of My Fund

  • Maturity - Fund Value
  • Death before maturity (Natural Death) - Sum Assured + Fund Value + Additional Death Benefit
  • Death before maturity (Accidental Death) - Sum Assured + Fund Value + Accidental Death Benefit + Additional Death Benefit
  • Fund value can be enhanced by adding additional blocks worth of Rs.500 each

More information can be obtained from the nearest HNB Assurance Branch or from our help line on 0114384384

* Conditions apply as per regulations.

My Freedom


We all love to spend our lives free and easy. After being actively employed for a long period of time a person retires with the heart filled hope of spending his life after work happy and free, but having the financial strength is vital to enjoy that freedom. That is where ‘myfreedom’ provides an ideal support for a free life.

HNB Assurance ‘myfreedom’ manages your fund and provides you the right financial protection required for tomorrow. It is enriched with many special features carefully designed sensing and catering to your exact needs. Providing you a stable income monthly throughout a period of 15 years is it’s main feature.( You have only got to pay a lump sum not less than Rs. 100,000/= as a single premium ).

  • A guaranteed monthly income for the agreed period.
  • Possibility to delay the above benefit for 5 years from commencement date on your preference.
  • Agreed monthly sum is credited to your bank account irrespective of interest rate fluctuations.
  • Life cover for 15 years.
  • Monthly benefit continues up to maturity even after demise of the life assured
  • Summary of My Freedom

    • Fixed terms (Only 15 Years)
    • Investment plan
    • Premium amount will be given to customers in monthly basis
    • In the event of Death, 18 times of monthly premium will be payable
      & after death, till the end of policy period monthly premium will continue to nominee

    More information can be obtained from the nearest HNB Assurance Branchfrom our Customer Service Contact Centre on 0114384384

    * Conditions apply as per regulations.