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First insurer in Sri Lanka to come up with a set of comprehensive Android, mobile and web based applications, enabling their customers to receive enhanced services.

HNB Assurance has marked another innovative milestone in the Sri Lankan insurance industry by utilizing mobile technology in providing customer services. HNBA is the first insurance company to come up with a set of comprehensive Android, mobile and web based applications, enabling their customers to receive enhanced services.

HNBA MobiReceipt provides ease of mind and convenience to its customers as well as HNBA insurance advisers as a receipt can be issued instantly on receiving the insurance payments. MobiReceipt has two application models, for advisers who use standard mobiles; Bluetooth connectivity is provided with the standard MobiReceipt while the Latest and the advance version is available with android technology for high end smartphones. Insurance advisor is able to check the current status of the policy and payments due to using the mobile phone and print a receipt using a mobile printer which communicates with the mobile phone via Bluetooth technology. The advanced version has the added benefits of policy search, collections and due reports. MobiReceipt provides the customers the assurance that the payment is collected by a representative of HNBA.

Another first by HNB Assurance is the web based customer portal where customers could view a detailed summary of their policies by creating their own account. Taking customer service to another level HNBA has provided the facility to customers to register with the web portal where they can specify all policies taken from HNBA – both life and general Insurance. Registered customers are able to view the current status of the policy with a payment history and all receipt information. Policy benefits as well as the claim history are available for the customer to gain a 360 degree view of all policies.  An Interesting feature is the ability to view the photos of any motor accident or a general insurance claim. Customer portal provides HNBA customers information that they need at their fingertips, where such information usually were never before given to the customers or needed several follow-ups to obtain.

Embracing the social marketing concepts HNBA actively uses its Facebook for customer services in addition to marketing activities.HNB Assurance call center is equipped with the latest telecommunication technologies for caller recognition as well as to identify VIP customers using mobile numbers. If the customer has provided the mobile number at the time of obtaining a policy, creating a web portal account or has previously initiated a call to our customer relations center, customer will be automatically identified and all relevant details will be displayed for the call center operatives to provide speedy services to the customers.

 HNBAs’ customer relations center is equipped with the Google based accident site locator where motor accidents are tagged and displays the status of assessment, enabling call center operatives constant monitoring until an assessor reaches the accident site.   The accident location is flagged in the Google map using the accident location declared by the customer. Additionally the basic details such as the Vehicle number, Sum Insured, Policy status and payment details are provided in the tag. Once the assessment is completed the accident photographs are also tagged to the accident location. Additionally, the accident location is confirmed using GPS coordinates, enhancing accuracy of accident data.