HNBA Salutes its Champs at the Annual Sales Convention

  September 10,2018

HNBA Assurance PLC (HNBA)     felicitated     themaestrosof theAdvisor Force    at    the    recently held Annual Sales Convention. The 13thSales Convention of HNBA   was   held   attheCitrusHotel, Waskaduwa. This nightof celebrationwas graced  by  the  presence  ofChairperson  of  HNBA  and  its  fully  owned  subsidiary,HNB General Insurance Limited (HNBGI), Mrs. Rose Cooray as Chief Guest,Members ofthe Board  of  Directors  of  HNBA  together  with  the  Management  of  HNBA  and  HNBGI.  The theme of the night highlighted the MayanCivilization, depictingbravery, strengthand innovativenessof the Advisor Channel and the Company.

Sharing  her  thoughts,  Chairperson  of  HNBA  &  HNBGI  Mrs.  Cooray  stated “this star-studdednight celebratesthe  extraordinary  performance  of our  Advisor  Force.  The Advisor Force has proven to bethe backbone of the insuranceindustry and has played a pivotal role inbringing the Company where it is today. I‟m extremely pleased on the performance of our Advisor Forcedelivered during 2017andhonored to witness their great achievements”.

Managing  Director/CEO  of  HNBA  and  HNBGI  Mr.  Deepthi  Lokuarachchi,  shared  his thoughts stating, “tonightwe laud and honor  the  go-getters  of  our  AdvisorForcefor their  commitment,  dedication  and  more  importantly  for  their  significant  contribution towards  business  growth.  The  Advisor  Force  generates  a  Gross  Written  Premium (GWP) accounting for 70% of the total GWP and over the years, the Advisor Forcehas
immensely contributedto   the   success   of   the   Companyby   capturing   growth opportunities as well as intrailblazing andseizing potentialmarket segments”.

Speaking  at  the  event,  Chief  Operating  Officer  of  HNBA,  Mr.  Prasantha  Fernando stated “tonight  we  celebrate and  pay  tribute  to our Advisor  Forcewhichhas  shown relentless  passion  towards  the  business  by  striving  for  excellence  and  growing  the businessdespitestiff competition  in the  industry.And I‟m surethatwiththesegreatachievements our  Advisorswill  continue  to  growas  the  business  continues  to  reach new heightsin its journey”.

Chief  Business  Officer  of  HNBA  Mr.  Ivan  Nicholas  thanked  the  Advisor  Force  stating, “We‟re extremely proud of what ourAdvisor  Force  has  achievedover  the  yearsand we‟re grateful  for  the  sheer  enthusiasm, commitmentand the winning  spiritof  our Advisor Forcein growing the business. Our Advisors with no doubt exemplifies to the true valuesof  anobleLife  InsuranceAdvisor and we‟re sure that  the  Advisor  Force will   continue   to   yield   extraordinary   results   by   setting   new   benchmarks   in   the industry”.

The   13thSales   Convention   of   HNBA   felicitated   227top-notchAdvisors   under categories  of  Bronze,  Silver,  Gold  and  SuperGold  including awardsfor  the  Best Service  Center,  Best  Zonal  Manager,  Best  Cluster  Manager,  Best  Regional  Office Manager and Million Dollar Round Table  (MDRT)  qualifierswere also recognized  at the  event. The most esteemed awardof  the  night„the  Best Sales Person of  the  Year‟ was awarded to Mr. R. E. S. Liyanage.

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