Protecting our People, Protecting Our Community: HNBA Conducts a Workshop on Cancer Awareness

  July 25,2018

Taking  the  initial  step  to  create  awareness  on  the  causes  and  prevention  of  cancer, HNB Assurance PLC (HNBA) held a workshop for its staff recently. This workshopwas conducted  by  Dr.  Suraj  Perera,  Board  Certified  Specialist  in  Community  Medicine  and Consultant Community Physician of the College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka.

Sharing  his  thoughts  Managing  Director/CEO  of  HNBA  and  its  fully  owned  subsidiary HNB General Insurance Limited, Mr. Deepthi Lokuarachchi stated “as a business sworn take care of our community, we believe that real protection and care truly begin with individuals taking care of themselves and leading a healthy lifestyle and thereafter by encouraging  their  families  and  friends  to  follow  similar  steps.  In  the  backdrop  of  the launch of our Hope Cancer Insurance plan, we realized that a workshop of this nature will  help  in  educating  as  well  as  in  creating  awareness  firstly  amongst  our  staff for the  betterment  of  themselves  and  their  families  and  as  we  believe  that  our  staff would carry this message to the community as ambassadors of the brand”.

Sharing his views on the Cancer Insurance Plan, Chief Operating Officer Mr. Prasantha Fernando  stated, “our lifestyles, health habits even hereditary conditions contribute to  the  development  of  a  cancer  and  cancer  can  touch  us  all  at  any  point  in  our  lives despite  our  social  strata.  Hence,  it  is  up  to  us  as  individuals  to  take  necessary measures  to  protect  ourselves.  The  cost  of  cancer  treatment  could  often  pose  a threat  to  family  savings  and  the  financial  foundation.  Considering  all  these  aspects, HNBA  launched  its  Cancer  Insurance  Plan,  „Hope‟  with  the  primary  objective  of providing a ray of hope through financial protection to those individuals and families to overcome this dreaded disease”.

Speaking at the workshop Dr. Suraj Perera stated “this workshop was conducted with the   aim   of   creating   awareness   on   cancer   and   its   prevention.   Amongst   many contributing   factors   for   the   development   of   a   cancer,   unhealthy   dietary   habits, smoking,  consumption  of  alcohol  and  chewing  of  betel  are  identified  as  the  top
causes   for   cancer   and   it   is   important   to   communicate   these   to   individuals   as prevention with no doubt is better than cure. Workshops of this nature surely help in making  a  lasting  influence  amongst  responsible  individuals.  And  we  believe  that heightening  people‟s  awareness  on  cancer  and  its  precautions  is  the  first  step towards  fighting  cancer  and  will  helpin  making  a  difference  in  their  lifestyles  which will ultimately have a positive impact on the wellbeing of our community”.

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