A Ray of "Hope‟ from HNB Assurance

  May 14,2018

Providing  a  ray  of  hopein  the  instance  cancer  strikes, HNB  Assurance  PLC  (HNBA) announced   the   launch   of   another revolutionaryproduct   to   its   product   bouquet recently.Possibly  the  first  of  itskind  in  the  industry,  HNBAHope  Cancer  Insurance Plan, offers a range of special benefitsin the instance of a cancer diagnosis.

Sharing  his  views,Managing  Director/CEO  of  HNBA  and  its fully   owned   subsidiary   HNB   General   Insurance   Limited(HNBGI),Mr.  Deepthi  Lokuarachchi  stated  “our  lifestyles and  stress  related issuesand  hereditary  conditionsmake usmoreprone to life threatingdiseases.Cancer is one such diseaseandcauses    for    cancer    have tremendously increased during  the  recent  times.The  diagnosis of  cancercould threaten the foundation of happiness ofafamily andcost  of  treatment,  right  from  diagnosiscould  become  aburden,leaving a dent in the savings of the family.HNBA HopeCancer Insurance Planisour  way  of  providing  a  ray  of  hopeand  a blanket  of  financial  protectionfor  those individuals   and   families so   that   they   could   focus   on   obtaining   treatment   and overcoming this dreaded disease.”

Speaking on the product features, Chief Operating Officer  of  HNBA  Mr.  Prasantha  Fernando  stated “HNBA Hopeis the outcome of extensive researchand expertiseof  a  dynamic team.Our  aim was  to introduce a product which offerbenefits from thedetection  of  any  Early  Stage  Cancer,  as  there  are many  costs  to  bear  from  the  time  ofdiagnosis.Thisproduct  offers  a cover up  to  10  years  for  an attractive,  affordablesingle  premiumthat couldbe  borne  by  persons  of  all  social strata.Our  focus  is  to attract  alargecustomer  base  which  in  turn  will  make  the
premiums factor affordable to the critical masses.On the diagnosis of an Early Stage Cancer, 20% of the Sum Assuredwill be paidand the balance 80% will be available if itprogresses to Late Stage Cancer. In case of diagnosis of a Late Stage Cancer, 100% of  Sum Assuredwill  be paid.  HNBA HopeInsurance Plancould beobtained fromyour nearest   HNBA   Branch,   HNB   Branchorthrough   our   Insurance   Advisors.   Further networks will be announced shortly”.


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