HNB Assurance Group Delivers OutstandingFinancial Results for Q1 2018

  May 03,2018

HNB  Assurance Group  deliveredasuperlativefinancialperformance,  reporting  a Profit After Tax (PAT)of LKR 699 MN for Q1 2018 reflecting a steadygrowth of 844% in  comparison  tothe  PATof  LKR  74  MN  recordedduring  the  corresponding  period  of 2017.This  growth  mainly  resulted  due  to  the  transfer  of  One-off  surplus  of  LKR381 MNto Shareholder Fund from Non-Participating Policyholder Fund due to thechange in liability valuation  method  and  the  surplus  transfer made during  the  first quarter 2018amounting to LKR210 MN.

In  analyzing  the  financial  results  of  the  periodunderreview,  the  Group  recorded  a Gross Written Premium (GWP) of LKR 2.19BN, depicting aconsolidatedgrowth of 15% in  comparison withthe  GWP  of  LKR  1.9  BNrecorded  during  the  first  quarter  of  2017. The  Parent  Company,  HNB  Assurance  PLC  (HNBA)  recorded  a  GWP  of  LKR  1.06  BN when compared withthe GWP of LKR 988 MN recorded during Q1 2017. The subsidiary, HNB General Insurance Limited (HNBGI) recorded a GWP of LKR 1.14 BN against a GWP of  LKR  929  MN  recorded  during  the  corresponding  period  last  year,  reflecting  a growth of 22%. Together with the One-off Surplus,HNBA posted a PAT of LKR 658 MNfor  the  period,  recording  a  growth  rate  of  1,159%while  the  PAT  excluding  One-off Surplus and Surplus Transfers during Q1 marked a 28% growth. HNBGI recorded a PAT of  LKR  41MNwhen  compared  with the  PAT  of  LKR  22MN  recorded  during  the  first quarter of 2017, showcasing a growth of 88%.

Sharing  her  views  on  the  financialresults,  Chairperson  of HNBA  and  HNBGIMrs.  Rose  Cooraystated “In  a  challenging period  forthe  entireinsurance  industry,  the  Company  was able todeliver steady financial results for the first quarter of 2018.These results   showcasetheeffectiveness   of   our customer centric strategies and the Company’s day-to-day focus  on  operationalefficiencies  in  capturing  new  market segments. These  financial  results  reassure  stability  andthe
positivegrowthmomentumof theGroupand will continue to steer its course through challenging  market  conditionsby  focusing  on  its  strengths,  core  competencies  and synergies  of  the  Group.It  is  pertinent  to  note  that  the PATof  the  Life  Insurance Company includes a surplus transfer of LKR210MN made as per the recommendation of the Consultant Actuary, subsequent to thevaluation of the Life Fund as at the end of1Q 2018. Further, the Company also transferred LKR 381 MN toShareholdersFund, with  the  approval  of  the  Insurance  Regulatory  Commission  of  Sri  Lanka  (IRCSL),  as One-off Surplus arising from Non-Participating Life Insurance Fund due to the change in the valuation method of the Life Fund as per the regulations of the IRCSL.The one-off surplus will be kept as a Restricted Regulatory Reserve as per the Directions of the IRCSL.

Speaking   on   the performanceof   the   Group,   Managing Director/CEO  of  HNBA  and  HNBGI  Mr.  Deepthi  Lokuarachchi stated  “In   spite   of   several macro-economic   challengesprevailinginthe  country,the  Group  was  able  to  achieve  aGWPgrowth  of  15%  during  the  first  quarter.TheIndividual and  Corporate  policies  of  the  Life  Insurance  Company and categories  such  as  Fire,  Motor  and  Marine  of  the  General Insurance  Company  depicted  a  promising  growth.  During the first  quarter,  Total  Assets  of  the  Group  reached  LKR  19 BN  and  the  Investments  in  Financial  Instruments  surpassed  the  mark  of  LKR  15  BN. The  Life  Insurance  Fund  andthe  General  Insurance  Fund  reached  values  of  LKR  10.9 BN   and   LKR   2.5   BNrespectively”.Speaking  on  the  Group’s  future  outlook  Mr. Lokuarachchi added “These results are a testament to theefforts, strategiesand the positive directionof the Group. The Group’s performance ambitions remain high as we continue  to  develop  dynamic  products  and capture growing  markets in  both Life and General Insurance segments whilst sustaining ourcore business modelto benefit our stakeholders”.

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