A Continuing Partnership; HNB Assurance Join Hands with the College of Community Physicians for the 3rdConsecutive Year

  April 10,2018

Continuing   its   strategic   partnership for   the   3rdconsecutive   year,   HNB Assurance PLC (HNBA) entered into anMoU  with  the  College  of  Community Physicians  of  Sri  Lanka  (CCPSL).  The primary  objective  of  this  partnership is  to  educate  the  general  public  on  a number   of   topics   related   to   health and wellbeing.

Sharing  his  thoughts  on  this  strategic  partnership,  Managing  Director/CEO  of  HNBA and  its  fully  owned  subsidiary  HNB  General  Insurance  Limited(HNBGI),  Mr.  Deepthi Lokuarachchi stated, “with  the  changing  attitude  and  behavior  towards  health  and wellbeing, communities  face  various  health-related  challengesand  threatsin  their day-to-day lives and as a brand committed towards the wellbeing of the community, HNBA  has  taken  various  measuresto  address  these  health  related  concerns  andto propagate  the  concept  of  healthy  living  and  this  strategic  partnership  is  one  such measure to promote the concept of healthy living. Through this partnership wehope to educate communities on a number of topics related to health and wellbeing”.

Sharing  her  thoughts  on  the  MoU,  Secretary  of  the  College  of  Community  Physicians of Sri Lanka, Dr. Inoka Suraweera stated “We are extremely pleased to join hands with HNBA, a brand which has travelled an extra mile to propagate the concept of healthyliving. Our environment has a significant impact on our health in  various aspects and the  changes  to  our  environment  including  pollution,  climate  change  and  exposure  to toxic chemicals cause serious threats to human life. And this year CCPSL has outlined a  series  of  programs  island  wide  following  the  theme,  “Healthy  Environment,  A Healthy  Investment for a Healthier Nation”  to create awareness on environmental health and its impact on human life”.


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