HNBA MD Discussed the Dynamic HR Practices of HNBA & HNBGI

  June 14,2017

The  „peoplefactor‟of  an  organization  with  no doubt    is itsgreatest    strength,    making    its management crucial    in    a    highly    competitive industry  such  as  Insurance. HNB  Assurance  PLC (HNBA)and    its    fully    owned    subsidiary    HNB General Insurance Limited (HNBGI)has deployed a Human Resourcestrategyfor   its   staffwhich focuses  onenriching  the  life  of  its  employees,both throughenhancing quality of time at work as well as providing for greater work-life balance.

Sharing views on the Human Resource strategy, Managing Director/CEO of HNBA and HNBGIMr.Deepthi  Lokuarachchi  stated,  “The  Human  Resource  strategy  is  akey success  driverof  any  organizationand  it  is  believed  that  the  Human  Resource function adds a great deal of value to the corporationandthe „people factor‟provides for  greater stability  of  the  business  as  well  as  superior  organizational  performance.Cherished   Human   Resource   practices   could   result   in   a   pool   of   competentand dedicated employees.The  Grouppays  great  emphasis  on  its  recruitment  strategy  as well as in retaining its employees. As a Group with over 900 employees,the Strategic Human Resource practices extendbeyond the standard Human Resource practices, to help   our   staff   and   their   families   fulfill   their   aspirations   and   dreams.Extensive measures  are  taken  in  order  to  create  acontemporary  organization culturewith augmented valuesas well asasupport mechanism toenable one to go forthin one‟s career.”

Speakingfurther Mr. Lokuarachchi added“The Group has an „opendoor‟ policy where employees  could  access  the  top  management concerningany  matter.  Continuous learning  and  development  is  encouraged  throughout  each  tier  of  the organization.

The  Group  envisions creating  charismatic  leaders  andhas  invested  its  resources  in talent  management  and  talent  development  which  helps  in  building  competencies and   skills   within   employees.   As   part   of   the   Human   Resource   strategy,   training programs  are  conducted  on  a monthly  basis  focusing  onprofessionalas  well  as personaldevelopment of employees.These programs rangefrom personal grooming to  professional  training to  workshops  on  striking  the  right  work-life  balance  and healthy  living.A  case  in  point  here  is  the  workshop  that  was  held for  staff  on  the prevention of Dengue and H1N1 as well as a workshop to help individuals understand what  measures  should  be  takeninorderto spend the golden eve of one‟s life in a happy  and  a  healthy  manner. These  workshops  were  conducted  byDr.  Shiromi Maduwage and Dr. Sameera Sennanayake ofthe  College of  Community  Physicians of Sri  Lanka.The  Group  identifies  the  true  potentialofeach  staff  member  and  set  in place   a   compensation   scheme   which   has   both   monetary   and   non-monetary components. The  Group  constantly  encourageemployees  in enhancingleadership roles  and  in  empowering  employees  by  creating  additional  tiers  in  the  managementhierarchyto allow career progression. In addition, the Group has taken a step forward in   implementing   advanced   Human   ResourceInformationsystems and   reward schemes”.

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