HNB Assurance Join Hands with the College of Community Physicians of Sri Lankafor the Second Consecutive Year

  May 30,2017

For   the   second   consecutive year,     HNB     Assurance     PLC (HNBA)  entered  into  an  MOU with the College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka (CCPSL) recently  with  the  sole objective    of    educating    the general  public  on  a  number  of  causes  which  has  an  immense  impacton  a healthy lifestyle.

Commenting on this MOU,Deepthi Lokuarachchi,Chief Executive Officerof HNBA and its  fully  owned  subsidiary  HNB  General  Insurance  Limited  (HNBGI)stated,  ‘As  a socially  responsible  brand,  we  take  every measure to ensure that people in today’s society  is  protectedby  all  means,  especially  from  unfortunate  health  conditions.  We strongly believe that protection begins in one’s own household and is propagated to the  surrounding environment;hence  individuals  should  be  aware  ofvarious  health conditions  and  diseases.  Through  this  partnership  we  hope  to  educate  the  general public on a number of topics which has a significant impact on our society’s health and wellbeing’. Sharing views on this partnership  formed with HNBA, Secretary of CCPSL  Dr.  Shiromi  Maduwage  stated,  ‘We  are  indeed  pleased  to  join  hands  with  a brand  that  has  taken a  stand to  propagate  the  concept  of  healthy  living  on  a  much larger  scale.  Each  year  CCPSL  carriesout  a  number  of  activities,Islandwide under  a main theme with anaim of educating the general public on a number of topics related to health and wellbeing.This year CCPSL has introduced the theme ‘strengthening the health system for improving quality of care and patient safety’.  Accordingly,  CCPSL has  plannedto  carry  outa  number  of  national,  provincial,  district  and  regional  level
activities  includinga  number  of  health  symposiumsto  communicate  the  importance of health and wellbeing’.

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