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HNB Assurance Group Unveils “Liya Harasara 2024” in Celebration of Women

HNB Assurance PLC, in collaboration with its fully owned subsidiary, HNB General Insurance Limited, proudly launched the 12th edition of "Liya Harasara," an annual initiative dedicated to acknowledging and supporting the contributions of women along with the remarkable essence of womanhood, while celebrating International Women’s Day.

Mr. Harindra Ramasinghe, Chief Business Officer - Advisor Distribution Channel at HNBA, emphasized the pivotal role women play in the fabric of society. He stated, "Women are undeniably the cornerstone of any community, driving progress and enriching lives. It gives us, as an organization, immense pleasure to unveil the 12th edition of ‘Liya Harasara’, which has evolved into a highly anticipated event in our annual calendar. This year's ‘Liya Harasara’ program promises an array of exclusive insurance benefits, coupled with exciting partnerships with leading brands such as Asiri Hospitals, Vision Care, Eric Rajapakse, La Vivente, Chamathka, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Singer, offering special discount schemes to new female policyholders.”

Mr. Sanesh Fernando, Chief Business Officer – Partnerships at HNBA, shared his thoughts, stating, "Through ‘Liya Harasara’, we aim to acknowledge and support women's multifaceted contributions, enabling them to navigate their roles with confidence and peace of mind. As we launch “Liya Harasara” in celebration of International Women’s Day, I’d like to extend a warm invite to all women to seize the opportunities and benefits presented by ‘Liya Harasara’, available from March 1st to April 30th, 2024. 

“Liya Harasara stands as a testament to our enduring commitment to empowering women and acknowledging their invaluable contributions”, said Mr. Dinesh Yogaratnam, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer of HNBA, "The 12th edition of Liya Harasara reflects our aim to foster a supportive environment where all women can thrive, excel, and lead with confidence. The theme of our campaign is paying ‘Tribute to the spirit of Womanhood’, through which we honor their journey, celebrate their achievements and inspire future generations to continue breaking barriers and pursue their dreams.”

The 12th edition of Liya Harasara includes a Free Life Cover of up to Rs. 1 Million for one year from HNB Assurance for Regular Premium Life Insurance policies. Additionally, policyholders will enjoy a Daily Benefit for childbirth and pregnancy-related hospitalization, capped at three days per year. Furthermore, Liya Harasara offers a complimentary Personal Accident Cover of up to Rs. 500,000 for every Motor Insurance Policy acquired from HNBGI. More information on benefits, exclusions, terms and conditions can be obtained by contacting 1301 or visiting a HNB Assurance branch.

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HNB Assurance Welcomes Rimoe Saldin as Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

HNB Assurance PLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Rimoe Saldin as Non-Independent Non-Executive Director to its Board with effect from 19 February 2024.


Mr. Rimoe Saldin is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and an Associate of Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in UK and a Certified Management Accountant, Australia. He is an alumni of the Asian Institute of Management Manila. He has over 30 years of top management level experience in the areas of Finance, Human Resource Development, General Management and Operations as well as Chief Executive Officer.

He is currently employed as Director of Paints & General Industries Limited and Director/Chief Executive Officer of Polypak Secco Limited. He is also the Chairman of Chemanex PLC and serves as a Director of CIC Holdings PLC. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Akzo Nobel Paints Lanka (Private) Limited, Link Natural Products (Private) Limited, CIC Agri Businesses (Pvt) Ltd and a number of companies in the CIC Group. He is the Chairman of CISCO Speciality Packaging (Private) Limited. He also serves in the Board of Directors of Hatton National Bank Plc and also is Chairman of Sithma Development (Private) Limited and serves as a Trustee of the HNB Sustainability Foundation.

Previously Mr. Saldin served as the Commercial Director and Group Finance Director of CIC Holdings PLC for the period 1995-2005. He was the Country Controller & Group Finance Director for Shell Sri Lanka for the period 2005-2010 and also the Group Chief Operating Officer, Browns Group of Companies PLC and the Managing Director of Browns Investments PLC from 2010-2014.

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HNB Assurance Group Surpasses 20% Growth Mark for the Third Consecutive Year

HNB Assurance Group recorded yet another year of exceptional performance, marking the third consecutive year of achieving a growth rate exceeding 20% in terms of GWP (Gross Written Premium). The year 2023 witnessed the Group achieving remarkable financial milestones and an array of local and international awards, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the insurance industry.

HNB Assurance Group recorded a substantial GWP of LKR 18.7 Bn, showcasing a remarkable growth of 20% compared to the previous year. Reflecting on this achievement, Mrs. Rose Cooray, Chairperson of HNBA and HNBGI, expressed her delight, stating, "To me personally, the remarkable growth trajectory of the HNB Assurance Group stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering value to our stakeholders. Both teams at HNBA and HNBGI performed an outstanding job, leaving no stone unturned, meticulously analyzing every challenge, and capitalizing on every opportunity. This approach to business was imperative, particularly in the aftermath of COVID-19 and the subsequent economic and social upheaval, where we as a nation encountered numerous challenges in diverse forms. In addition to our consistent growth of GWP, over the past three years, we as a group have so much to celebrate. Our Group assets grew by LKR 10Bn during the year, well exceeding a remarkable total of LKR 51.2Bn. Further, investment income for the Group surged to LKR 7.2 Bn, representing an outstanding growth of 49% from LKR 4.8 Bn in the preceding year. In terms of the Group’s profits, we recorded a commendable LKR 1.76 Bn in PAT.” 

Honoring claims plays a vital role in maintaining the trust for any insurance company, “I am proud to note that the HNB Assurance Group honored claims of LKR 6.6Bn, showcasing a growth of 19% compared to the previous year, aptly demonstrating our position as a reliable partner during our policyholder’s time of need.” explained Mrs. Cooray. “As the Sri Lankan economy steadily makes progress towards recovery, I’m confident that our investments in technology, our teams and their skills along with all the fine-tuning we’ve done to our processes will hold us in good stead and propel us towards greater success”, added Mrs. Cooray.

“Consistency has been our main focus and certainly the cornerstone of our success”, said Mr. Lasitha Wimalaratne, CEO of HNB Assurance PLC. At HNB Assurance, our track record speaks for itself. Year after year, we've demonstrated and honored our commitment to our stakeholders and most importantly to our policyholders. This consistency is what set us apart and helped us in being recognized as the Best Life Insurance Company in Sri Lanka by the Indian Chamber of Commerce.” 

The robust financial performance of HNB Assurance resonated with the numerous accolades garnered throughout the year. “I am delighted to highlight that as a team we have effectively translated our promises into action. Our Profit After Tax (PAT) reached LKR 1.61 Bn, marking a commendable 9% increase from the previous year. Moreover, we surpassed the significant milestone of LKR 10 Bn in GWP, representing a growth of 23%, which is almost twice the industry growth rate. We also witnessed a remarkable growth in our life fund from LKR 24.3 Bn to LKR 30.6 Bn.”  Speaking further, Mr. Wimalaratne, added “As we move into 2024, it is going to be pivotal year for HNB Assurance, particularly as we anticipate the fruition of our investment in our core system. This strategic investment is expected to further enhance our operational efficiency and drive sustainable growth.”

HNB General Insurance Ltd witnessed an impressive 18% surge in GWP when compared to 2023, a growth from LKR 6.8 Bn to LKR 8 Bn, which is a three-time increase when compared to the industry growth. Throughout the year, the Company's strategic emphasis on product innovation and customer service proved to be pivotal. Mr. Sithumina Jayasundara, CEO of HNB General Insurance, expressed his thoughts on the team's achievements amidst turbulent times. “Despite economic uncertainties and high inflation rates, the team showcased remarkable proficiency in risk assessment and customer management. Our commitment as an organization to deliver exceptional service led us to the prestigious title ‘Most Customer Centric General Insurance Brand’ by the Global Brand's Magazine. Additionally, we secured a top three position among the most loved General Insurance Brands in the country, recognized by the renowned LMD Magazine. Moreover, we made LKR 4.3 Bn in claims, marking a 12% increase from the previous year, reaffirming our commitment to honoring the trust instilled in us by our valued customers.”

“In a move to enhance customer value, we also launched the revolutionary ‘HNB General Insurance MotorGuard 3 in 1’ product, offering policyholders the convenience of three insurance coverages within a single annual premium payment. Further, this product not only simplifies their insurance management but also ensures they have the necessary coverage for various aspects of their lives, all under one policy. Additionally, we also introduced "Claimee," a cutting-edge digital claims assistant aimed at revolutionizing how we manage our claim settlement process. With Claimee, policyholders can easily initiate and track their claims through a user-friendly digital interface, eliminating the hassle of traditional paperwork and long waiting times. The launch of 'Project Phoenix' marks yet another significant milestone for us internally, representing a strategic investment aimed at enhancing our operational efficiencies. This internal core system is not merely a short-term fix, but a comprehensive revamp geared towards fostering long-term success and sustainable growth. Through these investments and innovations, I’m confident that our team will continue to drive innovation while delivering exceptional service and creating long-term value for our customers and stakeholders,” added, Mr. Jayasundara.

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