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An all-inclusive comprehensive health cover for you, your loving family and your beloved parents. This health solution covers a range of optimal healthcare services and provides a comprehensive hospitalisation and surgical coverage coupled with a global healthcare cover enabled with worldwide cashless claim settlement service. HNB Assurance SupremeHealth Unlimited provides you the luxury of cherishing life with your loved ones ensuring the protection and care while enjoying the benefits of the best health plan, above all. 


  • Covers Self, Spouse, Maximum of 5 Children, Parents and Parent in laws 
  • Overseas Hospitalization (Worldwide excluding USA & Canada) 
  • Cover up to LKR 60 Million for Individual and LKR 75 Million on Family floater - Select from a range of 28 plans covering you and your loved ones starting from LKR 300,000 right up to LKR 75 Million. 
  • Reimbursement of Hospital Room, Board and ICU ward has no sub limits on Sum Insured - This is only eligible for Single Private AC Room charges. 
  • Cashless Claim Settlement - Cashless Settlement options for your hospitalisation cost in both Sri Lanka as well as worldwide (excluding USA and Canada) 
  • OPD Cover including Ayurvedic Treatments - Get reimbursed for your OPD charges including those for Ayurvedic medicine. 5% of Sum Insured, subject to a maximum benefit of LKR 50,000 per policy per year. 24-hour hospitalization is mandatory for this benefit. Waiting period of 180 days benefit policy exclusions will be applicable. 
  • Accidental Critical Condition Cover - Coverage available for Coma, Major Head Trauma, Major Burns, Paralysis, Deafness (Loss of Hearing) and Loss of Speech. 1 time of Sum Assured (Not increased due to No claim bonus) with a maximum cap of LKR 10 Million. 
  • Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses Benefit - Cost pertaining to interventions both pre and post hospitalisation are covered. Payable up to 5% of the basic sum insured for 30 days prior to date of hospitalization or Payable up to 5% of the basic sum insured for 30 days postdate of discharge from the hospital. Applicable for all hospitalizations, irrespective of Private or Public Hospital. 
  • No Claim Bonus up to 100% - For every year you do not claim under your medical policy, the Sum Assured increases by 25% up to 100% allowing you to double your Sum Assured if you make no claim for four consecutive years. 
  • Restore Benefit - In the event you have had to claim your entire Sum Assured during a year due to hospitalisation, you are still entitled to 100% of your Sum Assured provided that the subsequent hospitalisation is not related to any of the previous hospitalisation. 
  • Surgery Benefit - Provides comprehensive coverage for in-patient surgical expenses without any sub limits from Sum Insured. 
  • Prosthesis and Implants - In the event of artificial substitution or replacement of body parts which are transplanted to the body or to replace a missing part, 20% of the Sum Assured will be paid. 
  • Organ Donor Expenses - In the instance of an organ transplant, the cost of the donee will be covered along with hospitalisation expenses of the donor. 
  • Ambulance Charges - Up to 2% of the Sum Assured will be paid as an ambulance charge and the benefit is payable with unlimited times during the policy period. 
  • Day Care Treatment - Obtain reimbursement for costs that you incur for procedures that are classified as day care treatment. 
  • Health Check-up - After every claim-free year, you will be entitled for 1% of the Sum Assured for a health check-up subject to a maximum of LKR 50,000. 


 Optical Care 

  • A benefit that provides coverage for vision related expenses. 
  • 5% of Sum Assured with a max cap of LKR 50,000. 

 Dental Care 

  • Coverage includes benefits that cover the cost of dental care. 

 Deductible Option 

  • You may opt to bear medical expenses up to a predefined limit on your own and have your policy cover expenses above that, thereby bringing down the cost of the policy to you. 

 Maternity Benefit 

  • Have your maternity cost reimbursed as an optional cover.
  • Maximum benefit of four deliveries covered under the lifetime of the policy. 


  • Benefit Amount During a Policy Year and Term 
  • 100% of the SupremeHealth Unlimited amount payable from 1st year onwards and during the term. 
  • SupremeHealth Unlimited Hospitalisation Coverage could be obtained as a local, Asia and Worldwide Coverage (excluding USA and Canada). 
  • Cash Benefit for hospitalisation in Government Hospitals. 
  • 1% of the Basic Annual Sum Insured per day subject to a maximum of LKR 20,000 per day up to a maximum cap of 30% of Basic Annual Sum Insured per year. 
  • Expenses pertaining to the investigations and drugs prescribed by the doctor in relation to the hospitalized condition will be payable maximum up to 70% of the Basic Annual Sum Insured per year. 
  • Supreme Health Unlimited could be obtained on an individual basis or as a family floater. 

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More information can be obtained from the nearest HNB Assurance Branch or calling Assurance Line 1301.

Refer to the policy document for benefits, exclusions, terms & conditions*