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Mortgage Reducing Takaful Policy

Mortgage Reducing Takaful Policy - HNB Assurance

HNB Assurance Mortgage Reducing Takaful Policy is designed just for you when you need that helping hand.We understand the responsibilities
on your shoulders to pay back those financial commitments and with HNB Assurance Mortgage Reducing Takaful Policy we can put your mind
at ease of the worry of what happens when you are not there one day for your family.This policy will care for them and share the burden leaving your
family off the financial commitments.

  • For Whom?

People, who wish to buy a house, renovate a house or buy a land on a Diminishing Musharaka from a bank or financial institution.

  • What are the Benefits of this Policy?

1. Balance Diminishing Musharaka amount will be settled in the event of death or permanent disability of the participant who
obtained the Diminishing Musharaka.
2. Joint Diminishing Musharaka also can be accommodated.
3. Policy can be obtained with a single contribution.

  • What is Unique?

1. Minimum documentation.
2. Efficient service.
3. Speedy Claim Settlement.
4. Service from dedicated Takaful unit.
5. The policies are issued and serviced in compliance with sharia principles under the strict supervision of HNBA sharia council
6. Very competitive contribution rates

More information can be obtained from the HNB Assurance Takaful Unit – 0114677000


*conditions apply

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