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Take on your Tomorrow with HNB Assurance

Sri Lanka’s Innovative insurance solutions provider, HNB Assurance has commenced an Island wide campaign to address the community the value of life, family and your belongings and to follow your dreams and aspirations. This corporate campaign envisions the need to be ready for all life events that might occur in your life in an unexpected event.

The kite story is about a small boy been guided by his grandfather who has always been an inspiration throughout his life, and how he remembers the way his grandfather taught him to fly his first kite, and with the strength from his grandfather, today he is an engineer. The story narrates that there is somebody in your life who stands by you no matter what, and helps you achieve the best in life. HNB Assurance is by your side to take care of everything that is important to you and it gives you the promise to follow your dreams and not to hold anything back and to take on tomorrow with HNBA.

Commenting on the pioneering of the corporate campaign, Lalith Fernando – General Manager Marketing & Distribution of HNB Assurance stated “This campaign is based on real life experiences and elaborated in three scenarios. The story about the Kite, Swimming coach and the Car. We at HNB Assurance, is an Insurance company of a new era, take pride in providing what we call strength to our fellow Sri Lankans to go after their hopes and dreams.  Just like the story of the kite, and the thread that gives strength to fly as high as it wants; HNB Assurance will give you the strength you need to take that giant leap of faith towards your dream. So you too can excel in life.

Commenting on this campaign, Dilshan Perera – Head of Marketing of HNB Assurance stated “We’ve all got great dreams for our future. Build a house, buy a car, live the dream, start our very own business, give our kids a good education, create something of our own, enjoy the freedom of life. But we never know what’s around the corner. That’s why we’re always cautious of the future. That’s why we’re always thinking twice whenever we want to go after our dreams.  But life is indeed a test. And history has always shown that the people, who achieve the best in life, are people who have gone after their dreams with no fear. Their unwavering strength is a common factor and that is why HNB Assurance will take on your tomorrow. This Island wide campaign is being released in print, radio and social media campaigns in order to convey our message to all Sri Lankans”

The corporate campaign ‘Take on your tomorrow’ unveils that in order to achieve your aspirations and dreams you will need someone by your side to guide you and to strengthen you in order to take on your tomorrow without any fear so that you can achieve your dreams despite of what may come in the future. HNB Assurance is the strength and the sole navigator that will help you to make all your dreams come true.